Wild Montana Huckleberry Soy Candle. In a 8 oz Farmhouse Mason Jar with Lid. Wholesales prices and fast shipping

Summer Scents

Enjoy high quality, strong scented soy candles hand poured here in the US will all US made materials. We use 464 soy blend wax and natural cotton spun wicks (Lead/Metal Free) and strong fragrance oil. Please note that soy candles are made from natural wax with no chemical additives to help keep the texture smooth, so some candles will have uneven texture. This is no way will affect the quality or the burning of your new candle.

Our goal for our soy candles is to take you down memory lane or on vacation. Sweet and salty of Caribbean Escape will take you to a tropical paradise, with sand between your toes and a margarita in your hand.

Subtly sweet, smokey, fresh mountain air of Bonfire Bliss will remind of that perfect camping trip with the family, cooking smore's over the fire. No matter the destination we have a scent that will take you there. Love these? We also have these amazing scents in a flameless option of wax melts! 

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