Pipe Smoke 6 oz Wax Melt
  • Pipe Smoke 6 oz Wax Melt


    This wax melt has a sweet smoky scent with notes of leather, cedar wood, cherry wood, vanilla bean and honey. This is a very neutral candle, perfect for him or her. This scent is on the sweet side, very different from the tobacco smoke you would smell from a cigarette. This smoke smell is reminds you more of being outside around the campfire on a beautful sunny afternoon with your grandpa while he smokes is pipe with strong notes of vanilla and cherry. Comes in wax melt case with six pop out cubes. Use with a tart or wax melter. 

    • Info and Care Instructions

      Wax melts/ tarts are only meant to be used with wax or tart melters. You may use the same cube of wax multiple times but once all the scent has been used throw out the wax. 


      Keep away from pets and children