Freshie Moose Silver Birch & Vetiver


This is a scent that men and women can both enjoy will love. The sweet smell of a fresh peeled orange. The air is thick with the promise of a storm. Pine trees and  silver birch leaves, clementine peel and crisp ozonic notes are followed by pine cone accords and white geraniums with a dry down of vetiver, sandalwood, and sequoia woods

  • Freshies Care

    Freshies are a very new product to our site. Our information we have on them is based on the supplier for the aroma beads. 

    Your new scented air freshener should last anywhere to one month to one year based on the conditions and placement. If you have your new freshie in a very hot spot and direct sunlight your scent will release faster which in turn will lose all of its scent much quicker. Try to keep it out of direct sunlight if you would like to prolong the life of your freshie.


    We will be offering refills on your freshies. Once your freshie has been completely drained of scent we will refill it and send it back to you.

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