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Kitchen Decor

All of our kitchen decor is handmade, hand painted, hand stained, hand welded and hand forged. Made with the best possible materials and tools to bring you high quality products you can enjoy for years to come,  

Kitchen Decor & Homeware Decor

All of our kitchen is handmade with the best quality materials possible. The wood we use for the chalkboards is new and sanded down to make it smooth and splinter free and then we use stain and clear coat to make it durable and keep the wood from discoloring or being scratched. We want to give the best possible product that you can enjoy for years. Wine bottle holder is made from new and unused chain, for the same reason. We don't want to use rusty or damaged chain for our products.

New items are coming soon!

Kitchen decor items will be added in the next couple of weeks. We are are adding handmade cutting boards to our kitchen decor collection! We are so excited to show are the woods we are using as well as the unique wood grain and patterns we will be using of our cutting boards. So stay tuned for our new arrival!