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Latter Day Loops. Handmade gorgous wreaths. Perfect for nurserys are little kids room. Add this cute decor to any room

Latter Day Loops, beautiful handmade wreaths. Perfect for nurseries and little kid bedrooms. Add this cute decor to any room. Follow on FB

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aboutJ&L Decor

We are handcrafted wholesale home decor business based in Montana. We make fun and unique horseshoe decor, handcrafted wall decor and wholesale so scented candles.
Our story began about 3 years ago when me (Lori) and my huband (Jake) was making a horseshoe cross that I had found on pinterest and had to have. As we stared at this new piece of art on the wall we were thinking, why only do this for fun? Lets turn this into a business. Short six months later he was the only one manufacturing anything for the website and I have been wracking my brain, trying to find something that I could do, but not only make and sell but something I could love doing! Jake knowing me so well asked me one night why I don't make candles for website? It seemed like a far fetched idea at first, me? I love candles but had no idea where to start. I did a lot of research on what route to take? paraffin or soy? classic jars or mason jars? color dyes or not? What scents would I carry that would make me stand out from the rest?. During that summer of research I was on one of those craving kicks, you know what I mean ladies! You find a food you just can't get enough of, mine that summer was key limes. Key lime Pie, Key Lime Pie Ice Cream pretty much Key Lime anything! I was obsessed, then it hit me! I have never seen a Key Lime Pie candle. Through trial and error, I finally got the perfect scent in a soy candle. I picked soy because soy has a much longer burn time, doubling the time of their competitor(paraffin wax) and also has a very clean burn. That is how all this started and we continue to grow.

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